About ECO-Campaign

Volvik the 'ECO-ektibiti good shots Campaign

Collect wasted ball!

Have you notice wasted golf ball is one of major form of pollution?
Volvik will take responsibility for it.

As a part of eco-campaign, Volvik collects and handle the wasted ball safely, and also covers all the expenses of waste disposal.

What is ECO Activity Good Shot Campaign?

Volvik collects and handles the wasted balls as a part of environmental campaign.

How to join us?

  • Install collection box. Once you make an application by our homepage, Volvik send collection box and poster.


  • Put your wasted balls in collection box in golf course or any other place who want to participate in our campaign.


  • Collect the wasted balls. If 100 balls are collected, we will exchange to 1 dozen of new golf ball.


  • We want you to give publicity to our campaign via blog, twitter, facebook, and other SNS.


Participation Application