Social contribution

에코 캠페인
According to Denmark golf association’s research, natural dissolution of the golf ball takes 100 to 1000 years. Also, in the process of the dissolution, heavy metal could be discharged which will possibly cause environmental pollution. So, Volvik conducts a campaign named ‘Eco-activity good shot’ and the details of the campaign are well explained in the following statement. Volvik currently collects and discards used or wasted balls made by our company, which will influence badly on our environment. In 2012, Volvik made a contract with Korean sports promotion foundation about our campaign and trying to expand the volume of the campaign.
Volvik always think the responsibility to return some of company’s profits to society is our responsibility. We just do not deliver goods, but we try to share our heart. Since 2012, we have made an agreement with “Korea Love Rice Share Program” and shared rice and heater with neglected class of people. Also, Volvik leads volunteer works with talent donation program such as “Happy My Dream” and “Volvik Society Program” with Volvik’s pro players.